Efficient separating and first class grain cleaning

Quanto’s destoner is efficient and consistent in separation of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density impurities from a stream of grain. Its throughput capacity varies as a function of the specific product and its degree of contamination.

Combined machine for selecting of cereals into light and heavy fraction and for separating the heavy fraction from stones and other particles with high specific weight. Destoner is available in 2 models of 5 to 6 tons and 6 to 8 tons capacity.

Purity Guaranteed

Through its excellent cleaning of the raw materials, the destoner creates the conditions required for achieving a high end product purity and thus for complying with food safety standards.

Wide variety of applications

In addition to the grain varieties mentioned, the destoner is also used for processing rye, rice, and soybeans. It could be used for processing oats, buckwheat, barley, spelt, and millet.

Application Fields

At Food Industry

 Flour mills and Semolina Mills

 Cereal Cleaning Plants,

 Corn Factories

 Corn Factories

 Malt Factories

 Cacao and Coffee Plants