Oats Milling Machinery

Cleaning ,Drying and Grading

The oats are loaded onto moving trays and washed under a high-intensity water spray.

Quanto’s Grain cleaner does the job of separating the foreign materials from raw oats. Grain Cleaner have high power separating efficiency with low energy requirements.

Destoner removes very fine particlas and specifically light stones from the feeds.


Dehuller removes and separates the husk from the grain to obtain oats groats .The machine yields are high and very efficient.

Cleaned raw Oats are fed to a to dehuller , which throws the grains into a hard surface cause separation of the hull from the kernel called groat.


Kiln absorbs moisture from grain and increases shelf life, reduces their total germ count, produces an outstanding taste and gives a nutty flavor to the oats.

Sizing and cutting

Sizing and cutting

Large groats,small groats and broken pieces are directed to cutter and this cuts the dehusked oats.

Milling and Flaking

Flakes Roller Mill involves two methods :

Oats bran milling - Oats groats are send through rolls stands , which separates the bran from flour

Whole Flour milling – exclusively to produce wheat oats flour from groats.

Whole or steel cut oats are steamed uniformly and then passed to the rolling mill , steaming is performed for softening the oats.