Pneumatic Roller Mill

Best -in- class grinding performance

High speed cast iron roll body gives a best grinding performance in 24/7 continuous operation .The wide inlet ensures uniform product feeding throughout the grinding operation leads to high performance.

The machine is compact, yet powerful roll makes it possible to achieve accurate and stable grinding. The wear-resistant, low maintenance and noiseless belt drive ensures quiet, reliable and continuous operation.

Efficient Grinding for various types of grains

Quanto’s roller machine is efficient and consistent in grinding various types of grains into high quality flour , it’s a hygienic design which is constructed with high speed cast iron.

In addition to this rollers can be customized accordingly to the customer requirements.

Food safety parts

Our flour mill are designed and manufactured in such a way that it guarantees maximum sanitation through the usage of high speed cast iron in the surface of roller mills and other food safe materials

Low Maintenance

High speed cast iron roll body offers easy maintenance and excellent flow . Rollers can be be quickly exchanged, reducing the duration of required maintenance and downtime.

High Quality and productivity

High grade quality bearings with chilled rolls are used. The production capacity is better to other makes. We also make roller mill size 500, 800, 1000, 1250 with standard diameter of 250 mm.

High Capacity

The cast iron machine offers wide inlet and has the capacity to operate round the clock 24/7.We manufacture roller mills to meet the requirement needs from 1 ton to 200 ton capacity.

Application Fields

At food industry

 Flour & semolina mills

 Corn, barley, rye and similar cereal processing plants.

At other food industries for rolling, crushing and other similar processes.