Vermicelli machinery

Vermicelli is a popular instant food product in south asia . Quanto offers Vermicelli making machine which was well designed and manufactured by our Subject matter experts. Machine is built with heavy duty mild steel for easy transportation and installation. Machine performance are tested while construction of machine itself.

Highly efficient cooling system is equipped in the machine for cold running , machine is assembled with drying system and doesn’t not require separate motor for it .

Machine design, structure ,input capacity , output capacity ,thickness of vermicelli can be customized according to customer requirements.

Quanto manufacture machines from high-grade components and first class materials. Machineries design and structure can be customized accordingly to the output capacity needed on daily basis and incorporate automation on the machines. Our machines can be operated with a domestic power supply as a low investment cost too.


  Maintain excellent sanitation

  Robust construction

  Easy to install

  Low noise generation

  Efficient cooling system

  Efficient cooling system

  Low maintenance.

  Reasonable price